Quizzes are fun!! I don’t know about you but I love doing the quizzes on Facebook. However these quizzes are not based on fact and may or may not be actually analyzing the Facebook feed. Imagine building a custom quiz with questions that help qualify your ideal clients as they help identify your not-so-ideal clients.

Quizzes can be simple with as few as 5 questions with no categories or more than 64 questions in 8 or more categories. I have built a popular quiz that has 64 questions that are grouped into 8 categories. This quiz has been done on paper in the past but what happens is that it is not the easiest quiz to score and much of the time mistakes are made in the addition and subtraction that is required that renders the quiz results inaccurate. This is not good because it is not a useful tool to support you, your business and your clients.

Imagine having a tool that you have custom designed that works on your website automatically, the results are collated and are sent to both you and the quiz taker. The quiz taker is taken to a custom thank you page with a welcome message from you (it would great if there was a video) and they are added to your email list that triggers followup emails from you. Let automation work for you!!!

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