I was presenting at a local MeetUp meeting recently and we were talking about the role of a website’s lead magnet, free offer, pink spoon, or gift in exchange for an email address (many names for the process of building an email list).

“Don’t you want everyone to want your free offer?” was a question that came up and I surprised them with my answer – “No, you don’t.” It is impossible to be all things to everyone.

I used the analogy of the Apple Store. I believe that most people who visit an Apple computer store are raving fans – RAVING fans and yes, I am one of them. I trust them, love their products and typically go into the store to buy something or to investigate a new product. I don’t own everything made by Apple but I have seen everything and although I have decided that I am not an Apple Watch kind of girl, I have most everything else.

You want to build a community of raving fans. Think of a business, brand or product that you are so fond of and think of being that for your ideal clients. Loyal, knowing that you are thinking of them when you create a product or business offering so that they don’t have to think much about making a purchase from you. It is not blind trust – you have earned it. Imagine that!!

Lead magnets or free offers come in many forms – reports, checklists, case studies, top 10 tips list – a great option is a interactive quiz.

Create a quiz that asks foundational and pivotal questions and delivers the right content depending on the quiz taker’s answers. How cool would that be?