Want to add a lead generation quiz to your business?

You may be thinking that quizzes would be great for lead generation but also might feel that they are complicated to create. It is not complicated and I can walk you through the process.

I will help you figure out the simple quiz that will help you generate new leads for your business and grow your email list. Before you know it, you will have a quiz integrated with your email service and you will be generating new leads. If for some reason I can’t work with your system I will let you know when we talk.

Quizzes are fun, Together we can create a new way to do lead generation that is faster, fun, highly responsive and I can take care of the process for you.

There are two packages;
Basic & Advanced.

See … it is simple already!!

BASIC QUIZ PACKAGE Starting at $500

• Two 30-minute consultations
• Setting up of quiz
• Setting up delivery of quiz results


• Two 30 minute consultations
• Setting up of quiz
• Setting up delivery of quiz results
• Setting up 10 follow-up autoresponder messages based on the quiz itself and your business goals


Will this work on only WordPress sites?

I recommend two options for creating quizzes–one that works within your WordPress installation and another that works on most non-Wordpress websites. There is a single charge of $47 for the WordPress plugin and a current monthly charge of $17/month for the second option.

The WordPress plugin allows to create a multi-category, multi-question quiz that let’s you deliver a response for only their highest or lowest score which can be very useful. This is perfect for determining archetypes or complex assessments.

Can I see the answers to the quiz?

Using the WordPress plugin, you can see all their answers and it will also email the answers to both the quiz taker and to you at the same time. This can be very useful when you are speaking to each client.

Will this integrate with my email service?

Autoresponder integration depends on what service you currently use and when we talk by phone and I will let you know if integration can be done quickly and easily.

What are email or autoresponder followup messages?

It is one thing to be able to collect a prospective clients name and email address in exchange for your lead generation offer. What is commonly overlooked is the email followup. Using an email tool like Aweber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft or one of the many services on offer, email followup messages can be set up once and be used automatically whenever anyone signs up to that particular list.

Having emails set up ready to go out automatically that fit with the lead generation offer helps to solidify your name in your prospects mind, you are able to share your expertise and knowledge, and ultimately, by building a relationship with them (albeit by email), make it easier for them to hire you.

Help your prospective clients get to know you and your expertise using the automation of email delivery. It is set up once and it can run automatically forever.

How many messages are necessary for email followup?

I once worked with a coach who had a one year long autoresponder message series.

I am not suggesting that you set up a series like that but I like to think about having at least 10 messages that are set up to followup after someone signs up on your website.

Say you have a 10 question quiz. Your email followup could include 10 more messages highlighting some important and useful information about each of the 10 questions.

Maybe 1 question is “how often do you eat fish?”  You could have an email talking about the importance of eating fish and highlight the fish they could be eating more often than other kinds of fish and why.

Email followup is an important element that is very often overlooked. The most common reason I hear is “I don’t know what to say in the followup.” I am here to help you create the followup that will work for you and your business.

Can I have more than 1 lead generation tool?

Yes, absolutely. Even if your business has a narrow niche, there are probably a few different approaches to your work where you could use different lead generation tools. For instance, if you are a health coach, you might have a lead generation report about general health, and you could have another that focuses on physical activity and another that focuses on nutrition and recipes and another that focuses on self-care for health. One of those reports might be more enticing to one client than another, but you will have then all as potential new clients.

Can I use a quiz for delivering my services?

Yes, you may have access to an assessment that you use in your business practice.

As an example, the Sacred Money Archetype is a quiz that is a collection of 8 questions in 8 different categories and it is designed to help your clients discover their personal Money Archetype. Another example of a multi-category quiz or assessment is one that is looking at planning, productivity and implementation skills and might identify the quiz taker’s weakest category and deliver a customized answer for that specific category.

What can happen with these larger complicated quizzes or assessments is that often the score is calculated incorrectly and the result does not resonate with the quiz taker. Automating these more complex quizzes makes it easier for the quiz taker and almost guarantees that the results are more accurate.

If you see a need for a more involved quiz or assessment to be created for your business, let’s talk. Email me at andrea@andreacinnamond.com and we can set up a time to talk.